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12 Editing and Proofreading Resources to Create Blog Content for Your Business

Written by: Joseph McLean Are you trying to promote a brand online? Then you’re surely engaged in content marketing. You’ll share useful knowledge that gets people at your website. There, they can find out more about your products or services, and they will be triggered to take the action you recommend.A successful content marketing plan meets the following expectations:

  • High-quality writing
  • Solving the problems of the audience
  • Consistency in posting
  • Proper marketing
  • Somewhere along the way, content writers and marketers tend to skip a crucial step:editing. That’s a huge mistake. A simple flaw will make your business look like a joke.The good news is that it’s really easy to edit the content as long as you know what tools to use.

    We’ll list 12 editing and proofreading resources that will help you create better blog content for your business.

    1. Ginger In terms of editing software, Ginger is one of the most popular options on the web. It’s a program that will catch your spelling and grammar mistakes.Wait; don’t MS Word and Google Drive do that, too? Yes; these word processors inform you about basic grammar and spelling issues. But Ginger is a more advanced checker, which will catch context-related mistakes. 2. After the Deadline This is another tool that will perform contextual spell checking, similarly to Ginger. However, it will also detect issues with your writing style, and recommend improvements.It’s free for personal use. 3. Small SEO Tools Keyword Density Checker A content marketing strategy clearly makes good use of keywords. But if you exaggerate, your content will be marked as spam.During the editing process, it’s important to check the keyword density, so you won’t risk being spammy. This tool helps with that. Just paste the content and you’ll instantly get your result. 4. Grammarly Grammarly is similar to Ginger; it checks your grammar and spelling. But the difference is that Grammarly is also available as a Chrome extension. So if you’re used to typing your posts directly in WordPress, you’ll appreciate that feature. 5. Copyscape Did you get a bit too inspired while you were searching for sources for your content? Maybe you forgot to include a reference to a quote? Plagiarism is a big issue. It negatively affects the outreach of your content marketing campaign.Use Copyscape to locate any parts that are not 100% unique, so you’ll fix the issue before publishing the content. 6. A-Writer.com This is a great custom writing service that also offers editing assistance. You just submit your content and arealeditor makes it perfect. This is very different from using software. Only an actual editor can really pay attention to all words in context. 7. Superior Papers This professional editing service has qualified editors in its team. They can help with research, formatting, proofreading, and overall editing. It is a highly reputable, safe, and reliable agency. You won’t make a mistake if you choose it as your long-term collaborator. 8. AssignmentMasters At Assignment Masters, you’ll work with an expert editor who has experience with content from your niche. So if your blog posts tackle content marketing, for example, the editor will approach them from an expert’s point of view. They will identify mistakes not only in terms of grammar and syntax, but logics as well. 9. Brill Assignment BrillAssignment is a British writing service that also offers editing help. If you need a UK editor to make sure your content is fit for the audience from that country, this is the right editing agency to choose.There’s a great blog with free resources at the website. If you want tips for writing and editing, make sure to check it out. 10. Scholar Advisor ScholarAdvisor is another high-quality editing service with professional editors in its team. It gives you an awesome discount of 20% for your first order. If you like what you get, you can continue hiring the same editor. You’ll become part of the loyalty program and you’ll keep getting discounts. 11. EssayWritingLab Essay Writing Lab is another great UK writing and editing agency. It’s perfect for complex content, such as case studies, reports, and white papers. However, there’s nothing wrong with using it for simple blog posts, too. 12. EssayGeeks.co.uk Essay Geeks is one of the most popular editing services for students. Although students are its target audience, the team can accept any kind of content for editing. The prices are affordable; they vary in accordance with the deadline.Speaking of deadlines, you can get your content back in 3 hours if you choose this service. Content marketing is a complex challenge. If you want to achieve the results you want, don’t neglect any of its components. Editing is important!