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What Is Your 2019 Marketing Success Strategy? We'll Give You a Hint!

We are living in a world where sincerity and authenticity is now a requirement to success. Wo men are too important to ignore, and you don’t want to be left behind as more and more wealth shifts into the hands of women. Like the political landscape the public is tired and disenchanted with the politically correct and polished speech of career politicians, and their distrust does not stop with politics. Without shifting your message and presentation to be more transparent and authentic.

Financial Advisors will be prone to a similar client rebellion reflected in the increase of attrition with women clients leading the way.

You’ve read a ton of books and articles, heard multiple presentations about the power of branding and the growth of the women’s market but never have both of these issues been more relevant to your practice as it is today.Women are becoming more engaged in their financial affairs and want more, in fact what worked with their husbands and fathers does not work for women.Social media has changed the landscape by transforming the original concepts of prospecting. Instead of the traditional cold calling the act of building a relationship through a consistent nurture email marketing is much more effective.Related: She’s Just Not That In to You, Women Clients Leave in Droves

Advisors who embrace these concepts will experience business growth.

Unlike most ideas and strategies you apply to your business the process of creating a more female friendly practice will inspire lasting change, yet you don’t have to wait long to get results.While it can have an immediate impact today generating more interest in your practice and inspiring more referrals from everyone you meet it will fuel business growthfor generations to come. The new business model that appeals to women attracts interest from both genders and is an approach that attracts every generation from boomers to millennials. Don’t wait any longer . Embrace the new paradigm, and experience the powerful benefits by becoming one of the leading advisors in the world of women. Set yourself up for generations of success by joining our next free live training for advisors.