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5 Tips to Convert Your Seminar Into a Female Friendly Event

There are significant differences between seminar programs designed for the MAN vs. the WOMAN. So many advisors tell me “seminars don’t work anymore”. Well yeah, if you continue to use the more manly, male oriented seminar process and hope to get more female clients, you are absolutely right they don’t work.

But when you convert your MANLY program into a more feminine friendly process amazing things will occur. The first step in this transformation process is understanding the differences between a MANLY seminar and a WOMANLY event:

A MANLY program

1. Called Seminars: Seminars to a woman (and probably to a man) suggests long and boring, not exactly attractive to a woman who is always pressed for time and would prefer the cliff notes if you have them.

2. About Problems, Products and Solutions: Men are warriors they want to focus on the problem and then provide the solution, a product. Women are not nearly as linear and this style can often create more fear and anxiety not exactly ideal to get her to take the next step.

3. Let me tell you; Most events for men are simple straight forward, I’m the expert and let me tell you what you need to know, women are getting a little tired of being told what to do and want to be more more engaged and involved in the solution.

4. Disconnected participants; Seminars for men are not exactly a “bonding” experience, in fact most men may never talk with another participant the whole time they are there, in fact you may be lucky if they actually talk to you! This feeling of being disconnected does not play well with a woman’s desire to communicate and share with others while creating that connection.

5. Boardroom and black leather; There is not one thing about a boardroom that women like and black leather may have it’s place but NOT at financial presentation for women.

A WOMANLY program

1. Called Events or Workshops; events exude a social feel, a fun atmosphere almost festive. Workshops invoke a more learning environment supporting women’s desire to learn, engage while having fun.

2. About Issues; Women are emotionally driven when you can focus on the issues surrounding the problem you will get a much more positive response from women. This is why statistics and scare tactics really don’t help you in your effort to get women to make changes even when those changes are important to her future.

3. You tell me; Women want to be engaged in the presentation, sharing information with each other while you as the presenter guide them to recognizing their own issues and possible solutions. They want to help each other become more financially secure while they are learning themselves.

4. Social and Interactive; Women want to talk and share, as a presenter it’s important that you introduce all the participants and encourage them to share and engage in conversation with each other, this creates that “bonding” experience and makes them feel like they are a part of a club.

5. Warm and fuzzy; Women want to feel comfortable and are VERY aware of their environment. Using more feminine décor, warming up the room making an effort to create a warm and fuzzy environment can tell the woman “Wow they really care about women”.

It’s not difficult to turn your MANLY seminars into WOMANLY events. Focus on the 5 tips for WOMANLY events and watch what happens at your next event. There will be more energy, more interaction, it will be more fun and the bonus is you will generate more clients and referrals.