5 Marketing and Communication Tips for Financial Advisors in the Wake of Coronavirus

What should you do to change your marketing in the wake of the Coronavirus? I'm Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and today I have five crucial things that you need to do in order to update your marketing to reflect these crazy turbulent times that we are in right now.

#1: Re-evaluate Your Pre-Scheduled Marketing Campaigns

So the first thing I want you to do is go back and look at all of your pre-scheduled marketing campaigns. So this would be emails you're planning to send out, any sort of ads you have running on social media or Google ads, any of your email or social campaigns, anything that you have scheduled you want to go back look at all of them and edit them, refine them to reflect the times we are in. It can come across as really crass and tone-deaf to have things that are really product-centric or salesy in a moment like this. So that's tip number one- you want to go back and re-evaluate all of your social media campaigns.

#2: Update Your Contact Page And Create A Up-To-Date Blogpost

The second thing you want to do is go into your website and update the contact page of your website to include information about how people can reach your team, what your new hours of operation are if they changed, any information about how your team can be connected remotely. So if you have a zoom link that you want to add there or one per person. I also highly highly suggest that you keep an up-to-date blogpost like a message from our CEO or Coronavirus special message from our team right on the homepage of your site that then links to a blog post that you can keep up-to-date so that anybody visiting your site can click on it and get the latest information that your team wants to share about the situation.

#3: Send Weekly Emails To Clients And Prospects

The third thing I want you to do if you're not already is get in the habit of sending a weekly email to both your clients and your prospects. This email can include latest updates, things that you want them to be aware of, how you're monitoring the situation. You want to be the one sharing information and not just allowing your clients to go read all of these news sources, right?

There's a lot of news organizations that are trying to get clicks sadly enough, so they are writing headlines, that might be really scary or inciting fear. And so your clients are going to look to you to be the one to provide very level-headed information and to reassure them when they need to be reassured. That is what this weekly email would do.

#4: Include A Video In Your Weekly Emails

Actually, that leads me to tip number four- I highly suggest also including a video just like this in each of those weekly emails and then also sharing that video on your social channels and as a blog on your website. And the reason I'm so so strongly encouraging people to use video is because it's going to allow people all that nonverbal communication that helps put them at ease and build rapport, right? They can see your face. They can hear your voice. It's so much more reassuring and especially right now when we're all being cordoned off from each other it's even more important than ever before.

#5: Increase Your Social Media Presence

And then tip number five- increase your social media presence. People right now are flocking to social media, people who never been on social media before because it's the way we can stay connected, right? My 82-year-old grandmother just signed up for a Facebook account because she wants to be staying up to date with her neighbors, the community, see more pictures of all of her loved ones, grandkids that she can't see. Over 600,000 people downloaded the Zoom app in one day this week because we are all now flocking to digital means of communication. So you want to increase your social media presence.

You want to start posting infographics, posting videos of your team. You can also reshare articles that you think are actually level-headed, well-informed articles that you want your clients and prospects to be reading. But then also don't forget if you see people who have questions and they're putting it out there, take a minute and answer those questions. Provide value to your audience, but you should be posting at least once per day right now because that is where everyone is. Everyone has flocked social media to gather information and so you want to be there to be the one providing that information.