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5 Simple Ways Advisors Can Become Virtual During This Pandemic

Change is not easy especially when it is forced upon you in a short period of time. 

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, business as we know it will no longer be the same, it will be BETTER. 

The first step in any crisis is acceptance, you must accept that life/business is changing. Don’t resist the change, go with it! Once you accept that things will be different then you can begin to embrace this time to retool your practice, reassess your goals and value and begin an amazing transformation to the life you want. 

Emily a femXadvisor, has fully embraced this pandemic and turning it into a catalyst for growth financially, professionally and personally. In just one week she has received 5 new referrals all with millions in assets.  She is retooling her business to be virtual which is transforming her life.  She now spends 80% of her time in her unique brilliance, speaking with clients, supporting her clients and meeting new referrals. 

We sent out the invites to our Virtual Daly Market Update at 8 AM today and had 6 people on the call by 10:00 am. I think this is a win. Everyone was so grateful to be in touch and to form a new community. All I wanted to have happened was to make my clients feel more secure about their situation and this goal was attainted.  Most sent me a thank you after! -Emily Daly

5 Simple Ways to Advisors Can Become Virtual

1. By utilizing on-line schedulers you save time and energy otherwise spent playing phone tag.  It works for you and is a low-pressure way for clients to schedule an appointment. 

2. Using Zoom.us or other virtual meeting apps, you can host all meetings by phone. With video it’s very personal and a HUGE time saver. 

3. Electronic signature apps expedite the paperwork process. Even your assistant can use zoom to help clients fill out paperwork or share her screen and step them through the online resources

4. Financial plans presented through zoom expediting commitments from prospective clients. 

5. Daily, Weekly or Monthly updates via webinars can reach more clients and allow you to leverage your time when speaking to groups of clients. 

Many of you have dabbled in some of this technology but when you fully embrace it, learn it and apply it, the impact can be transformational.  

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