5 Situations When M&A Can Strengthen Your Business

Written By: Karl FeldmanAll right, today we’re gonna talk about M&A in your brand and five situations where an M&A can really strengthen your brand, some opportunities to really improve your brand as you grow through mergers and acquisition. First thing I wanna talk about is the opportunity to fill in gaps in service offerings and or client lists. So, bringing in the right partner, right merger or acquisition can help add specific talent, can help fill in services that might be next in line for services you’re already offering, and it might expose you to new audiences that can come into the fold. So, this is a really important lead into talent itself and intellectual property that teams might bring into the fold to help fill those service gaps and offerings. Looking at mergers and acquisitions as a way to bring in whole teams in a very difficult talent market is a great way to grow. And sometimes these teams will bring in processes or intellectual property or even data that your firm may have been missing out on.So, that’s a real opportunity to win the war for talent , by bringing in whole teams so long as you’re thinking about how they might culturally align, do the tools match, are you gonna be able to integrate them smoothly? That will allow you to really leverage those synergies if the teams are offering complementary services, have complementary talent, and we’ve worked to align their culture and understanding of the combined brand, then you can really get a 1 plus 1 equals 3 formula going and really use those synergies to the best of your abilities. Sometimes even that will open doors to creating a new business model. So, looking at the services and the talent on their own, they were working well as a business standalone. But coming together, you may have an opportunity to completely reposition and look at efficiencies throughout the whole process of your delivery and come to the table with something new.Related: M&A Branding and Marketing: Threats, Opportunities, and Strategies So, with all of those things, if we have the opportunity to add a new business model or we’re leveraging new teams and bringing new talent on deck, you have a real opportunity for your brand to evolve quickly, really take some shortcuts in the learning curve that’s usually associated with organic growth. Now, that comes along with some real discipline in terms of roadmap and how your messaging these mergers and acquisitions to your audiences. But if that’s done right and you’re keeping an eye on a cultural alignment as you go, there’s a fantastic opportunity to really shave time, sometimes even years off of that growth path.If you’d like to learn more about this, I encourage you to check out our Visible Firm Course on Hinge University. Thanks and I’ll talk to you again soon.