650 Investors Answer How They Want Their Advisor to Communicate With Them

Recently 650 investors were interviewed by the firm YCharts, asking them what type of communication they'd most like to receive from their financial advisor when it comes to both their portfolio as well as more tutorials and financial planning how-tos. The options were a wide range of options, everything from email to text message to in-person meetings to being directed to their blog or website.

How Do Clients Want To Hear From You?

Would you be surprised if I told you that whether it comes to updates on your own portfolio or other industry news or financial planning how-tos, the number one choice that investors said they like is email? Your clients want you to email them their updates more than any other kind of communication.I'm Samantha Russell from Twenty Over Ten, and today I just want to share some of these survey results with you and talk about what we can learn from them. So again, this study was done by YCharts. They looked at 650 different investors and they asked them as a client of a financial advisor, how do you want to be communicated with from your advisor? Now, we at Twenty Over Ten are a digital marketing platform that primarily focuses on websites and content marketing.So, so many people have asked us what do you make of this survey? Does this mean that blogs and websites aren't important? And the answer is you should be designing your website not for your current clients, but for the prospects that you hope to get. That's really really crucial and important. Once someone becomes a client of yours, the way that they want to communicate with you is the easiest way and they want you to be proactive with that. So they want you to get in touch with them. When you have an update, send them an email, send them a text, call them on the phone.

How Do Prospects Want To Hear From You?

But when someone isn't a client of yours yet, they're not aware of you. How do you make them aware of you? There's a multi-pronged approach that incorporates content marketing, and that content needs to live somewhere which is on your website, and the way you drive traffic to that website is through SEO search engine optimization techniques, through email, through social media, all things that we can help with here at Twenty Over Ten. But again, the idea is your website should be designed for your prospects, not your clients. The way your clients want you to communicate with them is very different than the way you should be communicating with a prospect.For even more tips or tricks, we will link below to some things that you can do to make sure that your website is being designed for your prospects and not for your current clients. And you can always subscribe to our YouTube channel where every single Monday, we share a new, quick few minute video to help you market your financial advisory practice even better. Thanks for watching and see you next week.

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