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Are We Falling Behind Asia and China When It Comes to Social Media?

I’m sitting in aStarbucks in Singapore, we have just onboarded our Singapore reseller so Asia Pacific can now take advantage of our programmatic Social Selling programs. This makes us the first Global Social Selling Company. (We actually provide digital transformation with social, but most people know of us as a social selling company).While out here in Singapore, what I have learn is how “backward” we are in the West. We may self congratulate ourselves on being first world, but we are falling behind.Adam my co-founder and I met with an old friend who has just taken a posting out here. She was commenting on how everything, yes everything in society is driven through mobile and apps.Related: Technology Advances With Baby Steps: Disruption Doesn’t Happen Overnight Related: Social Isn’t Another Chocolate With a Different Wrapper There is an app for Taxi (Grab) this is also a payment app and an app for delivery of food. There is a parking app (parking.sg), payment app (DBS Paulah), and AXS which is another payment app. Go to a food hall, you can queue up, or you can use an app.Lillen, the Sales and Marketing Director of our reseller has spent a lot of time working in China and she pays for everything through her mobile. No cash, no credit card, everything in China is driven via mobile. WeChat is massively more advanced than Facebook. You have been able to book a taxi in WeChat now for over 5 years, Uber, Grab etc being a copy of WeChat functionality. WeChat is also a way of paying, you also build websites in WeChat. The Thomson Reuters WeChat website gets more hits than the internet hosted website.WeChat is also developing artificial intelligence to make suggestions for you. While some people might this creepy, I myself would like social networks to stop being so dump and actually use the data it holds on me to help me.I know we are starting to see this in the U.K. and the US but adoption is slow. If you take Social Media for example, in Europe and Asia, Social Selling in the B2B Enterprise space is pretty much “business as usual”. Where as in the US, people are still driving “interruption” and “broadcast” marketing.

Maybe it’s time to disrupt ourselves?