Do You Have 10 Reasons Why Someone Should Do Business With You?

Your Top Ten Reasons to do Business With You

Here is a question. Can you give me ten reasons I should do business with you (or your company)? I’m talking about good reasons. Reasons that would make me take notice. Reasons that would make you stand out.

Recently I went through an exercise in my business that helped me focus on why people should do business with me, and you need to know about it—not the reasons (although I would be happy to share them with you), but the exercise.

I was listening to an audio program on selling and one of the comments was that any salesperson should be able to comunicate ten compelling reasons to buy their product. As I interpreted this idea, I realized that you don’t have to be a salesperson to benefit from this exercise. The ten reasons can be about anything; Why should I buy from you, hire you, promote you, work with you, etc. The list of reasons creates credibility, persuasiveness and even purpose.

The first thing I did was to make list of reasons. I came up with more than ten. My assistant came up with even more. We had a pretty good list. But some of the reasons were boring— and everybody else in my business might say some of the same things. The reasons had to be compelling—and most important—had to deliver a benefit to my clients.

So get out some paper and a pen and start creating a compelling list of reasons that will motivate people to take notice of you and your company. Write at least a short descriptive paragraph to expound on what these reasons really mean. My list that was originally a short ten lines long turned into two typewritten pages of compelling story. People—customers, clients, fellow employees—want the story. They want the experience.

A couple of other thoughts… This doesn’t have to be an exercise that you share with others. Creating this list can be just for you. The list can become your personal mission statement. And, the list should be a constant work in progress. I want to keep finding ways to be better. That’s good for me as well as my clients.

As you create your own list, remember what Washington Irving said: “Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.”