Don't Waste A Great Opportunity to Stand Out

It’s easy to answer questions the way people expect you to, but why not surprise them with something authentic?

We are all often asked, “How are you?” How do you answer the question? Is there an opportunity there, or do you just waste breath by answering, “Good.”I asked a client this trivial question recently and he replied, “A Box of birds!”I paused and then he reminded me that he is originally from New Zealand and this means that he is, “Happy, chirpy as a bird.” How refreshing! Someone actually making conversation interesting.If you find yourself constantly resorting to generic answers when people ask you questions about yourself, it may be time to rethink your approach. So often we drift through our day, not even seeing the opportunities we have in conversations with others. From the simplest “Hey, how are you?” to the more complex questions you are asked throughout your work day — how often do you take time to answer the questions fully?Related: What if Winning Really Was the Only Thing?A critical question your current clients probably ask and one that is a fantastic leading question is: “How is business?” What if instead of answering, “Great.” You gave them some insight into the power of the work you do.Thanks for asking, business has been good. I am so grateful for all the introductions we have recently been receiving from current clients. I guess we must be doing something right (smile). Standing out requires doing things differently from what people expect. Making conversations interesting again and saying something memorable to a common question is a great start!