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Female Advisors Need to Trust Their Own Voice

Is it wise for female financial advisors to follow the lead of their male counterparts?

What financial advisors (mostly male) offer today is less effective in attracting and retaining clients…female or male. And, who says the approach male financial advisors use is the gold standard? Certainly not clients.Today’s investors want peace of mind more than the highest rates of return. They want someone who cares, not just someone who says they care. They want better outcomes for their lives, not just their money. They want empathy for their situation and an ability to communicate “how” they will achieve their goals, beyond accumulating “more” money. They want someone who’ll help them figure out “how much” to spend while still having enough to last their lifetime and beyond.Related: There is No Better Time to Prospect Than in Volatile TimesRelated: Are You an Advisor Who Thinks This Is Weird?How well financial advisors meet these needs will determine those who survive. But this also means firms have to hire for these new requirements. It means that female financial advisors may be in the best position to augur the new age for financial advice – one that wins new clients because it rings true with what they want.Don’t let others dictate your approach. Do what you think is right. Your instincts are likely bang on.