Would You Give up Sex for Amazon?

How much do you love the companies you do business with, the restaurants you frequent, or the stores you shop at? How upset would you be if they told you they were going out of business? What if you could save them by giving up something? So, the question becomes, “What would you be willing to give up to continue doing business with them?” Before I go any further, I might be treading on dangerous ground with the word sex in the title of this article. I always keep my comments squeaky clean, and I hope that no one is offended by the word sex . We’ve become hyper-sensitive about words and I don’t want to upset anyone, especially our friends in HR, but we’re all adults and my reference to the word is, at most, PG-rated.A recent article from Retail Customer Experience caught my attention – or, should I say, the title did: “Many Millennials Love Amazon More than Drinking, Sex.” Here’s the stat:

“A good majority of millennials, 77 percent, are willing to give up drinking and 44 percent are willing to give up sex before giving up access to Amazon.”

That stat comes to us courtesy of the Max Borges Agency survey about millennials and their commitment to doing business with Amazon. The survey polled 1,108 US consumers aged 18 to 34, who purchased tech products from Amazon in the past year.This prompted me to do a little research. I Googled the question, “What would you give up sex for?” multiple ways. The typical responses were about health, sleep, happiness, and food. Apparently, this is a popular subject. There are plenty of answers and surveys to find. Yet none of the responses included the name of a retailer or any other business for that matter.Related: No Toilet Paper: Is Customer Service Getting Worse?Well, I would say a new bar has been set by one of the world’s leading customer-focused companies. We may no longer be measuring how good a company is on a numeric scale, such as zero to ten, but instead on what a customer is willing to give up in exchange for the privilege of continuing to do business with that company.So, how good are you? Would your customers be willing to give up drinking to continue to do business with you? How about sex? Here’s one… would your customers be willing to give up their mobile phones to do business with you? Now, that would be a great concession!