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Guiding Principles of Referrals

Here are 3 kinds of people when it comes to referrals.

One- those who love to ask, two- those who ask but don't like it (they only do it because they don't know a better way) and three- those who refuse to ask so they don't.For groups 2 and 3 - this episode is for you because there are a few guiding principles you have to understand.

We dive into each of these into detail.

Guiding Principle #1: Know the #1 Reason Someone Refers YouGuiding Principle #2: Focus on Your HeroGuiding Principle #3: Understand Where the Trust Comes FromGuiding Principle #4: Reward the Right BehaviorAnd I would love for you to share your thoughts on these 4 guiding principles. Hop into the Referrals Without Asking Community over on Facebook and share your reaction... which ones do you already follow, which ones were new or were a surprise. Let's get the conversation started!