Hallelujah! How to Break Down the Walls of Rejection

Something unbelievable has happened to my business that anybody with a dream should know about.

The moment I learned to not take rejection personally and to try 5, 6, 7 times for what I really believed in was the day that I separated myself from other people. When I learned to go higher, try harder, stay up later, show more value, to not let anything possibly get int he way.

See, we're all human beings with our instincts. It's naturally clear to people when you genuinely believe and are determined to do the right thing for them. Show them your heart. Show them you won't let anything stop you from delivering the best possible service to them. The whole time, I guess the world was waiting to see that from me and now that they do, it's opened doors that used to get slammed in my face. The walls they put up to hold me back magically came down.

Example: Hallelujah

Example: From Hung Up On to Hired

Here's my advice: Show them that you're willing to run through the wall for them, and you'll see the wall vanish.

It's the simple, folks. Share this article if you like the inspiration. Enjoy!