Hoisting Your Stanley Cup in Business

When hockey players are asked, many of them have dreamed of winning the Stanley Cup since they were little kids playing on their Mite hockey team. They imagine themselves raising the cup and skating around the ice to the cheers of adorning fans – just like the Chicago Blackhawks’ players did this week. In sports there is often one big trophy that can be seen as the pinnacle to a career. But what about in business?

Many entrepreneurs have the big goal of selling their business some day. They work every day with that in mind, trying to build revenue and other metrics that would be valuable to a potential buyer. This singular goal allows for focus. Without it, there may be a scattering of important things in a business that can perhaps have us moving in too many different directions.

Maybe in your career or business you do not have one big pinnacle achievement that keeps you working hard every day for weeks, months and years. But perhaps it is a good idea. Maybe it is the sale of your business, or a crowning industry accolade? Maybe it is a family objective, a philanthropic goal – your legacy? Whatever it may be for you, having single-mindedness in this age of distraction and ADD may be just what is needed to stay on a path to your greatest success.