How Advisors Can Simply Dress Up Their Website Page

Written by: Christopher Sawo | Chris Sawo - Digital Marketing

Everybody has a different opinion on which web page is appealing or not. Because of this difference in opinions, following web design guidelines started to make simple web pages catch the attention of more site visitors. Especially in the finance industry, web pages are often overloaded with their services and products and don´t follow best practice design rules.

Web design can be simply defined as the beautifying of web pages so that users will visit your site again. The page content is presented in such a way that the users will enjoy seeing them and at the same time understand the purpose on the first sight.

Web design is the combination of simple text, graphics and logos which is an important factor in designing advertisements, especially online advertisements. If you use these tools, you can make sure that the interest of the readers is captured by catchy phrases and lively communicative pictures and images.

Web Design Requires Balance and Proportions

They key of web design is adding just the right amount of graphics so that the texts that contain the important details about what they are trying to convey will not be overshadowed. The designing requires balance and proportions, especially emphasis on what the main idea of the graphically presented communication is. If you want the attention on the text, then simple graphics may be added; otherwise simple yet catchy phrases may be used instead.

Your web design efforts should not go overboard. It is a common mistake done by unprofessional designers to add all the glitter and embellishments they can cram up in a simple page, resulting in a busy and uninteresting advertisement which nobody will really appreciate. To avoid this, simple rules should be followed.

According to an article on NoVolume, all websites look the same nowadays. And there is a good reason why they might look similar. Having a familiar layout for web pages helps the user focus on what’s most important: the content. When we visit the web, we have the reassurance that the navigation will probably be on the top, and below that we’ll probably be greeted with visual elements, such as a photo and blurb on what the website is all about. This familiarity helps users dig into the content of your page, rather than making them work hard for it.


The Key is Simplicity

The key to a good graphic design is simplicity: just include the main features and add embellishments without being too caught up in the process. It is also important to note that all the additional decorations and graphics added on the content of the page should work with the text, not against it. Proper designing rules strongly suggest that the graphics and the text in a page should work with each other to create a page that is appealing, interpretative and innovative without having to lose its meaning. A page which looks nice and appealing yet senseless will be a waste of time, and so is plain text presented in an unimaginative way.

The reason why you might have web pages which are not visited by users could be due to the boring appearance of the site that drives away prospective visitors, making them think that the sites do not have something to offer and will only be a waste of time.