How Advisors Provide Clarity for Women in Divorce

Women in crisis can have a BIG impact on your business, one way or the other. 

Whether she is going through a divorce, recently became a widow or experiencing the massive market swings of a pandemic, understanding how to help her turn her chaotic emotions into a clear path forward can have a dramatic impact on your business.  

It’s not just managing her assets that are important, it’s the opportunity to make a difference in her life going beyond just the dollars and cents. 

She needs and wants more than just investment advice but with so many emotions swirling around she can be hard to manage.  

Helping her to harness those emotions into productive conversations speaks volumes in her world. Helping her gain more clarity and understanding with her money is worth millions to her. And simply helping her realize she is not alone is a game-changer in her book. 

By understanding what these women want and need and then learning how to communicate with her through all the different phases of her divorce you will help her:

  • Understand what she has and what NOT to give up
  • See her future in a more optimistic life
  • Carve out a new path to financial security 
  • Better manager her fear and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Make smarter decisions that will have a more positive impact on her future
  • Feel more confident that she will be OK with you as her advisor

While you are not a psychologist when you understand her, what she is thinking, knowing what to say and when to say it can be all it takes to turn a fearful woman teetering on the edge into a loyal client raving fan. 

It’s not your expertise, your financial acumen nor is it your firm that wins her trust, it’s all about how you communicate with her that makes the difference. 

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