How to Get the Best Kinds of Client Feedback

Here on the Becoming Referable podcast, we’ve had the pleasure of talking to a series of wonderful guests about a variety of topics that help you drive organic growth in your business. Today, we thought we’d shift gears and have a chat, just the two of us, about a topic near and dear to both our hearts: client feedback.Most advisors now understand the need for gathering feedback in ensuring they deliver great service to their clients. But what form of feedback is best for you? Do you have the tools to get the most you can from the exercise? And are you using it to go beyond measuring client satisfaction, to use it as a powerful business development strategy?In our conversation, we go through the various kinds of client feedback and provide best practices based on our combined years of experience with client surveys, interviews, industry research, and advisory boards. We talk about how you don’t have to choose between qualitative and quantitative feedback, but rather combine them to engage clients in new ways and dramatically improve your communications and processes as a result. You might even discover new services clients would like to see you offer. Julie shares thoughts on using Net Promoter Score and other tactics to tease out valuable information about clients’ referral behavior.Related: The Difference Between “Not Now” and “Not Interested” Related: Why It’s Critical for Advisors to Look Outside Our Industry to Better Their Model Steve then walks us through the process of effectively conducting client advisory boards. You’ll get ideas about selecting the right clients for your board, what questions to ask and when, and specific examples of insights gleaned from recent boards. Finally, we discuss projects currently in the works that can help you implement a client feedback system today.