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The Path to Success for Women Advisors

Myth #1: You must work hard and long.

As professionals in the financial world we were all taught you must work hard and put in long hours to succeed. I always hated hearing “You have to pay your dues first.”What?Why?

If I can find a better way, a faster way that works for me why do I have to follow the path of others?

Let’s face it, when we joined the world of advisorswe were surrounded by men and for most men their primary role was to bring home the bacon, working long hours was sometimes necessary and other times simply an opportunity to hang with their buddies.As women we work differently, as multi-taskers we are always looking for ways to get things done faster and more efficiently.This process has worked well for us allowing us to feel good about all our roles as a woman, wife, mother, friend, daughter, why not as an advisor?Related: Why I Lied and Walked Out of His Retirement PresentationYou see these relationships are equally if not more important than our status as a producer. Women have perfected the concept of efficiency and given the opportunity to work at their pace they become more focused, productive and fulfilled with leads to tremendous loyalty and unlimited success.Achieve greater success by spending more time doing what you love and what is meaningful to you. Discover more on our live webinarfor tools and strategies that empower women!