How to Promote Yourself as an Expert Financial Advisor

Most advisers that I meet with charge a premium for their service; and a much deserved fee it is. Other advisers ask how they can justify such high fees. When you are seen as an expert in your field [and you can deliver on that!], people will pay a premium.

So how do you position yourself as an expert?

I won’t kid you it does take time and planning but the tactical ideas I share below work and the best thing about them is that they don’t cost the earth!My advice is if you would like to be known as an expert in your chosen areaof specialisation work through this list and identify 2 or 3 ideas which you can implement. Tackling all 13 would be crazy but know that each of them works you just need to decide which ones you can practically undertake.

In no particular order:

1. Testimonials to support the fact that you are an expert.2. Case studies to demonstrate the typical results you achieve for people.3. Blog posts to share your ideas and thoughts.4. Guest posts and articles to share even more value and demonstrate who you know and mix with.5. Videos of how to and tips and up to date relevant information.6. Speaking engagements to your ideal client to educate them about their problems [remember they want but you know what they need!].7. Slideshare to visually demonstrate your capabilities and areas of strengths.8. White papers to provide thought leadership and knowledge.9. Podcasts to cut through to those that like to listen to information.10. Research papers to raise your profile and demonstrate your understanding.11. eBooks that are quick and easy to read about a range of topics relating to your ideal client.12. Webinars that can be recorded and watched later.13. Educational based marketing activities to educate your ideal clients about their potential problems and how they should consider fixing them.Related: This Is What Clients Value About a Financial Advice BusinessFor more information about the above ideas and how SRSCC can help you and your advice business, contact me directly, [email protected]