The Money People ARE on LinkedIn: Hit Them With Content That's Too Good to Overlook

With half of professionals on planet Earth using LinkedIn, it’s pretty clear what the most powerful business website in the world is. Yet so many businesses who target high net worth individuals, decision makers, company owners, and other assorted big mucky mucks insist that their clients are not using LinkedIn, so such prospecting is useless.

Okay. Listen up, everyone. There is an incorrect perception that social media is for teeny boppers and millennials who are broke and are wandering around jobless. Whenever somebody tells me that they don’t need to use LinkedIn because their big Mucky Muck prospects are secluded professionals who are too high level to use LinkedIn, here’s my response:

It’s not that they are not using LinkedIn. They are all on LinkedIn.

They are choosing to ignore you and that is why you think they are not available to you through LinkedIn.

If you are having a hard time getting attention from rich, important, busy people (the ones who are in charge of the money at companies) my advice is to step your game up and find something 10 times more creative, engaging, and relevant to say.

Everyone in the world wants to sell to these people which are why they are so jaded. They’ve already heard the marketing pitch before and they can see you coming a mile away. So if you want to get their attention, stop product pitching and start captivating, start intriguing. Post things that lead you to be regarded as a subject expert, a respected and knowledgeable source of wisdom, an outspoken leader, a visionary, a thinker. Hit them with something that makes them exclaim “Holy smoke! Who wrote that?” This ability is so rare that the moment you do this, you’ll separate yourself from the guy posting about how today is the last chance to buy life insurance settlements from him and every other product pitching salesperson out there, and trust me the mucky mucks will come running.

The money people ARE on LinkedIn and they are ripe for the taking, but you’ve got to hit them with some content that is too good for them to overlook.

Try this, everyone, and let me know how it goes.