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Why Corporate Content Doesn't Work

My LinkedIn feed fills up more by the day of people pushing there company and corporate rubbish.

Now I need to be honest here, I really don’t care.I don’t care you are currently number one, I don’t care where you are on the Gartner what ever it’s called, I don’t care you are award winning. And therein lies the problem with marketing today. Nobody cares about your products and services.I’ve just seen somebody post on LinkedIn, they said “Here’s a post from somebody you have never heard of, telling you how great we are”. Really? Don’t forget you don’t know how good an article is until you have read it. Are you really going to read about the latest features and functions of a product? Not me, I’m far too busy.So how can I mention a metaphor that corporate contentis like wetting / urinating / pissing oneself?When somebody creates corporate content and shares it, they get a lovely warm feeling. The company may jump in, they are loyal after all and share it, but that isn’t what social is about.Related: Why Regulated Industries are Falling Behind with Social MediaYou need to find people who will amplify it, share it, love it, store it on their browser bookmarks. The people who work for your company already know you, they won’t or don’t need to buy. You need new people (top of the funnel), people are are already talking to (middle of the funnel) and people you are closing (bottom of the funnel) to see it, love it and share. But they won’t because it’s boring, it’s the same as everybody else, it does not offer insight it does not educate.So very soon after you posted it and your loyal staff share it and you packed yourself on the back, it will wither and die.So just like when you wet yourself, a nice warm feeling, then it will cold. People will then avoid you. We are very good at filter out all this corporate noise.

So don’t want to keep wetting yourself, what can you do about content?

  • Remember the most important person in the world is me, (not you).
  • As a buyer I’m looking for relevance, do you understand by business and my industry?
  • Empower you employees to talk authentically about your products and services.
  • As I do my research about products and services I might buy, I’m looking to be informed and or educated.