Wealth Management Is Broken and We're Going to Fix It

Over his nearly two-decade career, Larry has led multiple teams to win ‘Best Place to Work’ awards in Los Angeles and nation-wide. He was named to InvestmentNews’ “40 Under 40” list in 2017 and nominated by WealthManagement.com as Innovator of the Year in 2018. His new book It’s That Simple will be released later this year.Related: How to Handle Referrals Outside Your Target Market Related: Do Your Clients Really Know HOW to Refer You to Others? In our discussion, Larry shares his ideas on how firms will need to rethink their businesses to succeed in the future, starting with the impact that technology is having on the client experience. He tells us why he believes AUM is no longer the best metric to measure success or charge for services.We talk about building trust with the next generations of clients by being transparent and embracing new client engagement concepts. And, we were fascinated by the details of the firm’s hiring process, and why the conversation around culture is ‘mission critical’. And just how do they keep the culture consistent across a dozen offices and four time zones? It’s worth finding out!