9 Essential Ways to Ensure Business Continuity

2012’s Hurricane Sandy once again brought home the importance of comprehensive disaster recovery planning. With a cost of over $68 billion, Sandy caused organizations to face the question of whether they are truly prepared to recover quickly and continue operating after a disaster. Here are nine important takeaways. 1. Consider an off-site, real-time mirrored failover location on a separate power grid , so that you can continue operations in the event of a power outage or natural disaster localized to your immediate area 2. Assign back-up roles in case key players are unavailable or missing. 3. Plan for all possible communication issues , including use of satellite phones, hotlines and Web alerts. 4. Establish accessible spending accounts for employees , make standing lodging arrangements near your recovery site and account for other logistics, like mail delivery and payroll. 5. Plan for extended recoveries , in case business is displaced longer than expected. 6. Keep your organization’s documentation , scripts and business continuity planning handbook up to date. 7. Provide an alternative method of accessing your data and documents. 8. Be sure all vendor contracts are complete and up to date , including those with providers of media storage, insurance and fuel. 9. Plan for business continuity , because no one else will do it for you. Ready to develop your Business Continuity Plans, Policies and Procedures? Download your copy of our eBook, “ The Ultimate Guide to Business Continuity ” and start building your recovery plan today. To see Laserfiche in action, schedule a free demo today with a Laserfiche ECM consultant.