Apple, Google and Samsung Wallets: Who's Winning the Marketing Wars?

Last month, I posted an update on the comparisons between Apple, Google and Samsung’s mobile wallets , so this month I thought it worth comparing their adverts.

Let’s start with Apple Pay.

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The tagline is: If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone. I guess the marketing guys spent an age coming up with that one. The ad is simple: you can use your phone to pay in over a million stores, and in this version shows AMEX, Bank of America and MasterCard as the stars (the UK ad has Nationwide, HSBC and MasterCard). Interestingly, these brands have not necessarily paid to be featured in the ad, as I discovered when talking with Nationwide who were chosen because they were one of the first UK banks to contact Apple when they launched Apple Pay.

Then we have Android Pay, which is similar.

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The main difference is the music and feel of the ad but, apart from that and a lack of fingereprints, this could be Apple Pay.

Finally, Samsung Pay is different.

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The tagline is: It’s not a phone, it’s a Galaxy and clearly is making the point that the iPhone is limited to pure NFC terminals. Note the weird phone that appears in the middle and isn’t accepted, but the Galaxy is. I like it, and shows the differentiation of having a phone payment wallet that can be used with all pre-existing card terminals as well as NFC contactless. This one doesn’t feature any card schemes or banks, but just makes the point that you can use it everywhere. Nice.

The real difference between the three ads and wallets is not my views though, but the interesting trail of comments under each ad from YouTube users. For example, the Apple Pay meme goes something like this:

“Comments are disabled for this video.”

Aha. As usual, Apple are control freaks. Then we have Google’s meme, which is an illustration as to why Apple switched theirs off:

Wasn't this launched like 4 years ago? Hope it catches on finally, but would like to see more consumer benefits first. Taylor Wimberly

Isn't Android pay just a rename of Google wallet? vgm006

I think this will be in Italy in 2050....maybe... (song name please? :P) Brian O'Conner

Now everyone's going to think this is a rip off of apple pay Alex Wohlbruck

Better than Apples video... :D John Morstan

SAMSUNG PAY FTW! Works virtually everywhere NFC's (Apple Pay, Android Pay) dont work. ConceptVBS

Then there’s Samsung’s meme (which only launched this week btw):

The best thing about 'Samsung Pay' is that it is acceptable in almost every place you use your credit card and doesn't require any separate device. Now, remind me again who did it better, iSheeps? Abhinav Jha

Wow! I'm an Apple fan and I'm getting the 6s. But I must admit this is a good ad. Good job Samsung! Alex Hadfield

ooooooh dat buuuurrrn fron samsung .. APPLE GOT some WHOPIN' ibrahim faisal

I am an apple fangirl but why do they always have an IPhone in the videos for these ads? Show of your products in your ADS. jaiannaxwolf

Best comment from a cashier after i used Samsung pay in my school book store "Omg is that a thing now? what is that? Did you just hacked my machine? Omg i can't believe you've just paid with your phone." One lady was like " That's apple pay" and Immediately but casually said " no, Samsung pay". Booom!!! walked away leaving them mind blown. YurFive

I think these comments show which wallet is winning the game today.