Empowering Women in the Tech World: Why We Need Them

Written by: Stella Lincoln

Today, women are participating in every profession. Just like men, they are working in diverse fields to earn a livelihood. Still, the ratio of women in the tech world remains a worrying sign. Women are simply not at ease the tech world.

According to the figures, there is only 20 percent of women involved in tech-related jobs.

Clearly, we need more women in this domain and here is why:

1. More Workforce Is Required In Tech World

Women are nowhere in the competition with men when it comes to the tech industry. As the tech industry continues to grow, men alone will not be able to take the burden of the increasing demand of workforce.

In simple terms, the demand for workers will increase, but male alone will not be sufficient to keep up with the supply. As per stats, there will be more than one million computing jobs than the available applicants. Even today, many companies lack employees, but they will not allow women to take these empty positions.

2. Gender-Equality Results In Economic Growth

Everyone knows that gender-equality is good for women empowerment. However, it is a well-established fact that gender-equality is efficient to boost business growth as well.

  • According to a study, 2.1 trillion dollars could be added to the US economy if the wages gap between male and female is removed.
  • It is also generally noted that companies which have equal male-female representation, tend to perform better.
  • There are only a few handful of women serving at the top positions in the tech world. But a study finds that companies having women in their senior teams collect 34 percent more benefits than the companies having lower women representation.
  • One reason why women make such an impact on business is that there are some products which are only used by women. Naturally, a female is more likely to do well in these products – like babies, fashion or wedding stuff.

    3. Work Places Will Become Safer For Women

    While it is tragic that women don’t opt or considered for tech-related jobs, it is even more tragic to know that the women who manage to get into this industry don’t sustain their careers. Sexual harassment is one of the topmost reasons why women pull out of their jobs. That’s is exactly why 37 percent of women called work-environment is a main hurdle to continue employment.

    So we need more women in the tech world because it will give them a safe and sound working atmosphere. The same study (mentioned above) also declares that one out of ten women gets unwanted sexual attention. How can ladies come up with their best if they are constantly worrying about their security? A women-friendly atmosphere is a must to tackle this longstanding issue.

    4. Women Role Models Will Attract Young Girls Towards Tech Career

    “Role models keep us rolling towards our goal” - John Adams, Marketing Manager at MHRWriter

    Role models play a vital role to inspire people. As kids, we all had our respective ideals. Same goes here. We want more ladies to opt for a tech career because it will motivate the young generation of girls to pursue the same profession.

    Imagine a 12, 13-year-old girl who wants to become part of the tech industry, but everyone around her says:

    “It is a men-centric field, choose something else.”

    She will be left with no choice but to pursue something else. Now imagine a girl of the same age with posters of her favorite personalities from tech world glued in her room, we know what difference can this approach make on the mind of youth.

    Therefore, in order to encourage the participation of young girls, we need to recruit more women.

    5. Barriers Will Be Eliminated

    There are so many obstacles in our society which make it tough for women to go for tech jobs. Typically, male doesn’t recognize female with leadership qualities . Men usually regard them as timid and more suited for low-key situations. This perception is a huge block to the growth of ladies. This perception is wrong because women have proven their worth whenever they have been given the opportunity.

    Thus, organizations can change this perception by hiring more females. The best way to recruit more ladies is to make the hiring process as women-friendly as possible. Corporates achieve this by introducing the following changes during the hiring process:

  • Write a job description keeping female sex in mind. This sounds very obvious but many don’t take this measure. People don’t realize that what may sound appealing to men might not appeal to women.
  • Include women in the interview panel. This act is vital to boost the confidence of female candidates because some of them might be reluctant to express themselves as boldly in front of a totally men-dominated interview panel.
  • Don’t forget to add pictures of women in the job description.
  • 6. Women Think Differently Than Men

    Due to biological influence, men and women think differently . Men are more rational than women while emotions more or less control women's thinking process. So they both have different approaches to look and solve a problem.

    It is always good for a company to have people of both sexes available in the office. The diversity of gender brings diversity thoughts which can do a lot of good to your business.

    7. More talent Will Be Nourished

    Currently, many women-oriented apps are being made and run by men. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that these apps don’t live up to the expectations of women. The reason is not difficult to understand: the input of women is never taken.

    Apart from that, there is a huge room left to improve women-centric stuff which cannot be don’t until more women are included in the industry. For example, a man can never understand what a pregnant woman might prefer.

    Clearly, there is a need of women talent which should be nourished to address the issues such as mentioned above.

    8. Tech World Is Becoming Gender-Biased

    “I wish there was an anti-virus to tackle the virus of gender-domination in the tech world” Alanah Joseph, CEO at AustralianMasters .

    Due to unequal opportunities, many professions have already become gender-biased. The same problem is creeping into the tech world. Once this impression becomes strong, it will be difficult to convince women that they can also grow and make their name in the tech world just like men.

    If we want to increase women representation, we must convey them the message through our action that tech is not biased towards women.

    9. False Notions About Women Will Be Dealt Away

    It is falsely believed that women are not good at subjects like mathematics and science. Similarly, it is assumed that boys are better at the said subjects. It is quite unrealistic to draw such a comparison. On top of that, this is demoralizing women to join the tech industry .

    Sometimes females are even bullied for this “perceived” weakness. This is also one reason why women are not adopting such subjects at an advanced level because they think they can never compete with men. This is a dangerous trend which should be nipped in the bud before it completely wipes out women from joining the science-based subjects. The best way to do this is to encourage women participation in the tech industry.


    Stella Lincoln is the mother of two lovely kids. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Stella is currently working as a business marketing tutor at Crowd Writer . The author loves to read classic literature, and her favorite author is William Shakespeare. She updates her own blog Educator House reflecting golden words of her favorites.