How to Get to the Right CRM Choice

Many advisory firms struggle with the selection of their CRM software. We know there are over 20 choices, if you include all the different Salesforce overlays available. We also know that some CRM’s have built-in processes & templates for sales, marketing, operations, planning, and more.If you want to DIY the research, below is a master list of questions to answer BEFORE vetting the software choices. These answers reduce the amount of time spent on selecting the RIGHT system and are great to share with vendors to confirm the systems you are researching offer a solution to each of your needs.

Define HOW you:

  • Task
  • Track projects
  • Manage staff workload
  • Track emails to/from outside parties
  • Research Investments
  • Report & deliver to clients
  • Report internally to staff & teams
  • Define current integrations you can’t live without:

  • Email
  • View of all Assets and Liabilities
  • Inventory of Insurance Policies and renewal dates
  • AUM within client’s record
  • General questionnaire answers flowing into CRM fields
  • Risk tolerance questionnaire flowing into CRM fields
  • Quick click to open Client’s Portal
  • Custodian alerts
  • Ability to push client demographic data to custodian to open new accounts
  • New Account Forms pre-fill system
  • etc
  • Then answer what you NEED TODAY vs. WANT TOMORROW. We provide some of the questions below and there are many more that you should add to the list. Related: How to Streamline the Selection of an Investment Management System

    Your time is valuable! Here is your chance to think before you do or decide you rather delegate this to someone else.

    Easy to use and learnReliable/stable platformCross object searchable dataSimple data entry to log calls, actions, appointmentsWorkflows simple, sequential, decision break, skip-stepAutomated WorkflowsMobile phone syncing with extensions in separate fieldOnline appointment scheduling capabilitiesIntegration with what types of questionnaire? Demographics, Financial, Estate, Subscription, Contact Form….Integration with planning? Demographics, Goals, Financial, Estate, Tax?Integration with Client Portal?Integration with a Document system? View, upload, download, edit?Integration with AUM? View, field-filling, performanceIntegration with risk tolerance questionnaire? View vs. field-filling, demographics, risk score, modeled allocation? Push questionnaire to outside party?Customizable fieldsCloud-based with APIsSpell-checkAutomated marketing fulfillmentReport GeneratorOn-demand user trainingCompetent support departmentMulti-user calendarsCalendar location drop down pick listCalendar syncing with email host, mobile device, email clientConfirmation box on event changesIM ChatEmail inbound and outboundWYSIWYG emails (ability to enhance visual appearance of emails)Can import other CRM data easilySpecific features such as RMDCustomizable dashboardEmail to Task featureContact segmentation customizationContact sub-segmentation customizationParent contact structureAnd more…. If you prefer to focus on business development and client servicing, click HERE to schedule a one-time Boost Call or HERE to inquire into our services.Please note: We are agnostic to all product providers and have no revenue sharing arrangements with any product vendor.