3 Tips for a Healthier Approach to the Holidays

As the year comes to a close many of us find ourselves on a tightrope somewhere between contentment and agitation. Let’s be honest, the real purpose of the holidays isn’t in the giving of gifts, but in the giving of your time . Choosing to share your time with others is special and sacred.

Then how can such a festive time of year have so many triggers? Triggers can leave you feeling disconnected from joy and utterly exhausted. This is the year to put holiday mealtime into perspective as you spread the cheer and glad tidings.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you create a healthier approach to all the festivities this season. These tips will give you peace of mind and maybe even create a little peace on earth!

Tip #1: Phone stack? Nope, it doesn’t really work, as I shared during my interview with Andy Cohen. Phone stacks keep your brain looped into focusing on emails that need to be answered and texts you may be missing. Not a great way to create a connection with another person.

Tip #2: Give friends and family the focus they deserve by face to face interaction. This means putting your devices away during meals together. Placing a phone on the table creates anxiety and the pressure that you’re too busy to share this time with others.

Tip #3: Vibrating isn’t the best solution…well, not with a phone. Shut your phone off, yes OFF when meeting with friends and family so you’re not tempted to check your device.

The most important focus of any event is the person or people right in front of you, not what’s on your devices. Step out of the fast paced frenzy of the season as you choose to disconnect from the distraction of your device and begin to enjoy a happier, healthier holiday season with others.

Thanks for consciously connecting!