How to Work AND Travel Around the World

There isn’t anyone who suffers from wanderlust who hasn’t dreamed of quitting their job and traveling the world.

We’ve all seen the Instagram accounts of people who seem to be in a new, fabulous location every other day and can’t help but wonder, “HOW?!”

Well wonder no more because we’ve got the answer: Sojourns by Brownell .

Think of this as a study abroad program for adults. You can spend three months living in a foreign country working remotely (sorry, we can’t help with the whole quitting your job part of the dream). And just like a study abroad program handles all the logistics of living arrangements and studying space, we take care of your living arrangements and work space.

Plus, you’ll have some incredible excursions that let you experience the destination like a local. We’re talking going way deeper than the typical tourist who searched “What to do in X Destination” on Google (you are traveling with North America’s first luxury travel agency after all!) Imagine a lesson with a professional polo player or a cooking class at a private estate.

Still not sure? Here are more reasons why you should apply to Sojourns by Brownell

Imagine living in Santiago, Chile!

1. The logistics are taken care of

One of the biggest hurdles of a big adventure like this is working out the logistics. Finding a place to live in a safe neighborhood and a work space with reliable internet can end up being a job in itself. But with Sojourns, you need not worry – we’ve already done it: private accommodations (because what adult wants to share a bathroom with a stranger), a 24/7 workspace, transportation between countries, exclusive activities, and more. And we’ll have someone on the ground with you to ensure everything goes smoothly.

2. Community? You’ve got it.

Brownell Travel Advisor Amanda Foshee (the brains behind Sojourns and host of the first program to South America), had an incredible opportunity to work remotely in France for three months with her husband and of course jumped on it!

But something was missing: community.

It’s awesome to work remotely in a foreign country with your spouse, partner, or friend, but after some time, it gets lonely. So when Amanda had the idea to launch Sojourns, having a community of like-minded travelers was a top priority.

3. This isn’t your typical remote work program.

There are a few programs out there, but none of them have the backing of a 130-year-old travel powerhouse like Brownell. Brownell has been paving the way for luxury travel for decades, using our extensive network of partners and first-hand experience to design personalized itineraries (nothing cookie-cutter here!).

4. When else can you do this?

We can always come up with a million reasons why we can’t do something or why it’s not a good time. You know what? If the majority of your job takes place online (how many time have you logged in remotely while on vacation or at home sick), you can work remotely. And if your boss is worried, it’s just three months! So you CAN do this.

As far as timing goes, human nature makes us feel that it’s never a good time to do anything outside our comfort zone. But what kind of life are we living if we keep it status quo? Sublet your apartment or home; get a friend to watch your succulents, and G-O GO! Your day-to-day life will be there when you return.

Sojourns is no different. We work with our partners in each country to create special experiences that take the trip to a new level. We know that uprooting for three months is a big deal, and we want to make this a truly memorable experience.