Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: April 10-14

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on , April 10-14, 2017

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1. How to Be Your Clients "Forever" Advisor

This isn’t a young man desperate for new clients. So why did he bother – I actually asked him. He said two things – “I love what I do and I have never advertised. People come to me because they know I care – and I’m good,” he said with a smile. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

2. Factor Rotation: Tilt, Don’t Time

For decades, investors have been interested in factors—attributes such as value, momentum or market capitalization. But as investors have also experienced, as certain styles or themes go out of favor, factors typically go through periods (and potentially extended periods) of underperformance. — Astor Investment Management

3. Ready to Grow? Rethink Your Approach to Networking

Here’s the thing: all valuable relationships have one thing in common. They offer mutual benefit. (That’s true in love and business!) And finding mutually beneficial relationships isn’t an easy task when you spend 90% of your working hours in your office serving your clients. — Laura McCarron

4. How Do Wealthy Millennials Actually Invest?

Coming of Age shows that Millennials have a much more nuanced view of risk than previously believed. — Ned Dane

5. How Risks Can Lead to New Business

There are definitive correlations between doing something different and taking potential risks, and finding more success. Have you counted the number of times you have gone outside of your comfort zone each day or each week? Maribeth Kuzmeski

6. How To Delight Clients By Being Different

Unless you were the star athlete or prom queen, being “different” in high school was challenging at best. Your peers liked conformity—you were expected to follow the unwritten rules of their time and place. So if you were the nerd, the intellect with their head always in a book, the artist with the flamboyant, homemade outfits—you were different. — Rochelle Moulton

7. 9 Warning Signs It's Time to Walk Away from a Prospect

My experience indicates that far too few producers have the courage to walk away from prospects. As a result, they end up working on “unqualified” opportunities for extended periods of time only to have the deals fall apart. — Scott Addis

8. Is There an Antidote to Market Worry?

I read an interesting comment Coach Frank Martin made to his U.S.C basketball team after losing a couple games towards the end of the regular season. He told them, “adversity is part of the deal”. Indeed, that is so in every aspect of life. — James E. Wilson

9. 9 Steps to Being a Change Leader

Standout leaders are proactively adaptive who thirst for change. They drive change as opposed to letting change drive them. They enthusiastically embrace the change process and treat it as an opportunity for the organization and themselves as opposed to treating change as a threat and something that can be avoided. — Roy Osing

10. How You Can Attract UHNW Clients

UHNW investors demand quality. Once again, I refer to the statistics; if they're spending over $1 million in luxury items each year, you better believe they demand the best of the best. — James Pollard

11. 5 Huge Marketing Mistakes Advisors Make

How to get out from the failed marketing that got you to this podcast. Failed marketing starts by having a better marketing mindset - a framework if you will. — Kirk Lowe