Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (March 13 - 17)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on , March 13 -17, 2017

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1. The ONE Thing That Could Lose More Than 50% of Your Clients For just about any practitioner to lose 56% of their clients in a year would be a disaster. It is enough to jeopardise a practice entirely of course, but even in a best case scenario it will hurt horribly, and for quite a long time. — Tony Vidler

2. 10 DOs of Proper Content Marketing

By now you should have heard many reasons why you should put efforts into content marketing and possibly some advice on how often to produce content, how to share it, with whom to share it and what types of content to share. — Jasmine Sandler

3. Why the World's Top Brands Are Spending Top Dollar on Influencers

In case you hadn't noticed, there's a major transition happening in both the B2B and B2C worlds: more and more of the world's leading brands are shifting their marketing budgets over to influencers. Well, I hate to say I told you so! — Tony Wood

4. Why You Should Beware of Offering a Second Opinion

Offering a second opinion is not the great prospecting tool you may have heard it is. In fact, it can open you up to all kinds of dangers. One account can quickly turn into eight accounts — then what? — Paul Kingsman

5. The Value of Appreciation and Acknowledgement

You might be shocked to know how significant acknowledgement and appreciation can be in someone’s life. — Jeff Gibbard

6. Bitcoin? Etherium? Who Will Win the Cryptocurrency Crown?

The end game is that there will be a digital currency we can all buy into. Whether it’s bitcoin or bityuan or ekrona or ether or monero or any of them, who knows … it could be all. Equally, it could be none. — Chris Skinner

7. Three Ways to Create Something Original

It’s getting harder and harder to create something original because there is more and more stuff being distributed, searched for, and copied on the Internet. — Andrew LaCivita

8. KFC's 11 Secret Herbs & Spices: What Can be Learned From an Estate Planning Perspective

In the culinary world, a secret recipe is everything. For fast food giant KFC, the recipe for its chicken is so closely guarded that it sits in a 770-pound safe covered in two feet of concrete and monitored by motion sensors and video cameras. Seriously, it sounds like something out of a Mission Impossible movie! — Alec Borenstein

9. The Impact of Working with a Narcissist

There are different types of narcissists but handling them is always the same: be humble, don’t engage. — Tanya Beaudry​​​​​​​

10. Five Reasons Why You're Not Getting Referrals

​Are you getting enough qualified referrals from people within your network? Or are you relationship rich but referral poor? — James Pollard

11. Hire for Passion, Train for Skills

Listen to them, and make sure you take actions that let them know you are listening. Every human being needs to feel that their contributions are appreciated and that their opinion matters. Otherwise work is a mindless drudge with no purpose ... — Ted Rubin​​​​​​​