Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (March 27-31)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on , March 27-31, 2017

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1. The Value of a Fiduciary Advisor Reaches 4% in 2017 Regardless if the fiduciary rule is materially changed or not during the current delay, the fact remains that fees – and the value clients derive from them – are forefront in investors’ minds today. And yet, as in the past four years of this study, we have concluded that the value an advisor delivers to their clients materially exceeds the 1% fee they typically charge for their services. — Brad Jung

2. The World Is Not Becoming Passive: It Is Becoming Active in a New and More Useful Way

ETFs keep growing fast because traditional security-selection active management frequently struggles to perform. We all know the story. First, traditional active is expensive. Second, over the long-run, few if any traditional active managers deliver enough performance to offset their cost. Third ... — Lee Kranefuss

3. ETF Liquidity: It's All About the Basket

As any savvy investor knows, a stock’s liquidity is a crucial consideration in the purchase decision. Most investors prefer the relative comfort of knowing there’ll be a ready market for their shares should they choose to sell. They know that buying illiquid assets can add another layer of risk to an investor’s portfolio, one that needs to be carefully considered and one from which many investors shy away. — Salvatore Bruno

4. Top Picks in Asset Allocation

As global growth broadens out and the reflation theme gains traction, the outlook brightens for risky assets. — John Bilton

5. 4 Easy Ways to AMAZE Your Customers

There are two elements to a service strategy: core service and the service experience. How does an organization create dazzling experiences? Roy Osing

6. How to Keep the Negative Positive

Everyone likes an employee or coworker who is willing to go the extra mile and is open to the ideas and thoughts of others. However, being agreeable has its limits. — Jayne Letz

7. How To Grow Your Practice Consistently

Dealing with the crazy-urgent—client emergencies, project deadlines, a last-minute media request—is easy for most entrepreneurial advisors. We’re hard-wired to deal with the immediate and often take great pride in our ability to manage amidst chaos. — Rochelle Moulton

8. Client Experience: It Goes Both Ways … or Does It?

Organisations spend so much time trying to understand what customers want and expect from them, do they forget to make it clear what they expect from their customers in return? It is a question that requires deeper thinking than you may anticipate. — Ian Golding

9. Should Women Even Be a Target Market?

You’ve seen the stats. Women already control most of the wealth in America, and our share is only going up ... — Megan Carpenter

10. 7 Sales Questions That Expose What Your Prospect Is Really Thinking

Powerful sales questions are one of the most impactful tools that any sales professional has. Sales questions designed to influence. To persuade. To uncover the truth. To identify options. And to get your prospect to think differently about you, your product or service, and your company. — Ago Cluytens

11. How to Deliver Award Winning Client Service

Customer service really is everyone’s job. The culture of a company is the heart of its customer service. Don’t sell something to customers they don’t need. And, create a guarantee that instills customer confidence. — Shep Hyken