How to Prepare Your Successor Before Exiting Your Business

To hand off your business to a successor who will keep leading with similar values and goals, you need a strategic succession plan that aligns with the skills, experience, and capabilities of your business.

In this episode of The Wealth Is In The Details, Peter Raskin welcomes the Leadership & Legacy Group’s Abby Donnelly to explore the succession planning process. Abby breaks down her process for helping business owners prepare to hand off their business and reveals the tools and strategies that can help you exit your company.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About the Donnelly Method for succession and exit planning
  • The emotional aspect of the succession and exit process
  • How a business owner’s identity can impact their business  
  • The difference between a business succession planning and an exit strategy 
  • And more!

Join Peter and Abby now and discover the importance of starting your succession plan today!

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