The Digital Marketing Big Fat Lie!

In a recent blog I posted out on Twitter I pointed out that Marketing, both corporate marketing and digital marketing was dead.Nobody looks at adverts or they are ignored, email marketing, certainly in a post GDPR world is dead, nobody answers cold calls, nobody clicks on PCC.As with corporate marketing, everything is the same. Everybody says the same thing. We all say we are the best. Go to any website and they are all the same. We are the world’s leading… we are number one… here our our founders, we are unique. No you are not! 5 years ago buyers used website to verify a purchase, now a website is used to deselect vendors.Even SEO is now a big fat lie. Your customers don’t want to go to your dull website, so why send them there?As buyers, we are slick, savy, we might not know what we want, but we know how to find it!We are street wise, and are looking for people to give us insight, educate us, guide us. We don’t wanted to be shouted at by corporate marketing or sold to by some manipulative sales person. We don’t might talking to sales people, those that seem trust worthy.Related: The Greatest Challenge of Marketing Beyond 2018 I posted a blog similar to that on Twitter. Pointing out that Marketing no longer works and a person commented.“Agree, but you have to do these things as these are the Marketing basics and you have to do the basics.”I was lost for words, how can you throw money down the drain on marketing efforts we know don’t work and won’t reap a return?As a salesperson who always did there own demand generation, I always wondered why Marketing didn’t generate me anything. Or if they did it was “icing on the cake”.I spent the later half of my twenties and first half of my 30s reading every marketing book I could get my hands on hoping for the secret. Any marketers reading this are now saying, Tim but you don’t get this Tim, it’s all about Brand.Is it? With corporate marketing now all the same, branding is pretty meaningless.So what is the answer?

  • First, if you are not into intent data you are way behind. When somebody comes to your website the deal has already been done. Buyers are leaving footprints on the web you need to spot the footprints.
  • Get you salesforce to blog, better still get your employees to blog. Do this and you can shout out all of the competition. By doing this you have an influencer marketing, your SEO (this will give you key word optimised content earned media content), it will sort turn your recruitment from push to pull. All manor of benefits and savings.
  • Align and then merge your sales and marketing departments. How to do this? Well, we have written a book on how to do it. Not a why, you should do it, but a “how” so you can have your own project and meet today’s challenges.
  • Smarketing: How to Achieve Competitive Advantage through Blended Sales and Marketing” is available on all Amazon platforms click here