Avoiding the Integration of Technology Can Mean the Death of Your Business

I figured out why business owners are hitting their head against the wall when it comes to tech selection - they want the 90's back!

In the 90's, you could pick one software program without looking at the rest of your tech stack. And that software program made a huge difference in productivity and staffing.In the 90's, I was paid $20 per hour to hand type data into a 2nd software program for a health care company. Do you really think someone would pay me $35/hour today for that same job when they could integrate the 2 software programs together?

It isn't the 90s anymore! Welcome to the web of software.

So now that you realize you can't get back the 90's, you need to decide. Should you take time away from business development and do the tech research? It is wise to give yourself concussions with head banging? How much time will it take to select the tech only to find it doesn't work with your other software to lower the workload?

Selecting one software program and avoiding the integration with others can mean the death of a business.

Related: How to Streamline the Selection of an Investment Management SystemToday, businesses must take into consideration the syncing of software with other software or they will spend far too much time and money on data entry labor. So mourn the loss of the 90's and focus on creating your ecosystem of tech to support your business and goals. And if you aren't the right person to do the research, hand it off to someone else. There is no shame in admitting you don't have the expertise. Join the millions of business owners that feel the same as you. If you seek help, don’t hesitate to click HERE to schedule a one-time Boost Call or HERE to inquire into our lean, business operations strategy services.